About Us

Who we are

A relatively young firm, EXLRAY is determined to infuse innovation and speed to the operations of organizations and service providers in the realm of retails. EXLRAY comprises highly qualified and skilled professionals who have the requisite experience and expertise to develop solutions that maximize the productivity and profitability of our client's business. We provide a multitude of avant-garde apps for iDevices and other SmartPhones that allows tech-savvy Retailers, Hotels, Restaurants and Automobile Garages to optimize their operations, thus helping customers and Retailers and Hospitality industries alike to use these devices and enhance the shopping experience.

What we do

As a traditional shopping ritual, customer's visit a store, choose some items to buy, put them in the trolleys and stand in the long queue outside the sales counter, waiting for their turn as the sales associate processes transactions for each customer. The more sought-after the store is, the longer are the queues.

With EXLRAY app in ipods, ipads and the customer's SmartPhone at the retail shops, all a customer has to do is to switch on the app and scan the barcode of the item to be bought or get these scanned on the ipods and ipads of store assistants to initiate secured payment procedure, print and email receipts, to personalize the selling process.

Personalizing the selling process is not the only competitive advantage though. EXLRAY products can also help retails to create invoices, maintain customer-centric data, and simplify inventory and stock management. The managerial strain is greatly reduced and with the provision of digital catalogues to look up the store, customer engagement is increased. The Visual Interface of the EXLRAY apps is easy for the staff to understand. Customers can also benefit from self-checkouts, RFID, real time data and mobile devices.

The EXLRAY range of services and products turn retails into hip stores by facilitating point-of-sale operations through iPads or SmartPhones, adding dynamism to the existing static and fixed system of handling transactions. The multi-module features make EXLRAY apps must-have possessions for your business.

For retails, the invasive use of the EXLRAY apps not only changes their sale aviation, but also helps penetrate and perpetually revolutionize other realms as well. At EXLRAY, the underlining concept behind developing software for retail services is the attention to customer requirements and feedback. With an aim to build upon more iBreed retails, the EXLRAY professionals provide streamlined interface and a suite of capabilities that enables you to manage single or multi-store operations.

Technology is always on the move and so are customer expectations. Understanding the same, EXLRAY is helping service providers expand their technological reach, become iBreed merchants and deliver their services in sync with customer's expectations.