As a traditional shopping ritual, customers visit your store, choose some items to buy, put them in the trolleys and stand in the long queue for billing. This is where customer satisfaction factor takes a hit. Whilst, your store may offer a wide range of products, but long queues are displeasing for the customers. The more sought-after your store is, the longer are the queues. XPOS is for retails that do not simply believe in ‘selling’ their products, but also give equal weight to enhancing the overall shopping experience of the customer, thus increasing the repeat-customer count of your store.

XStock counts among the most crucial facets to a retail operation. Evaluation of expenditure against the profits generated can be done most efficiently if you have a proper inventory management system in place. The manual ways of managing inventory consume a lot of time, and for a busy retail, any extra time evaluates to loss in profits. In the marketplace, there are devices available to perform similar operations. But those devices are exclusively for maintaining stocks and come with restricted features, and at the same time they are bulky and costly to buy and further maintain.

In this day and era of social networking and connected shoppers, mobile apps have become an inherent and inseparable part of shoppers' lifestyle, which is set to revolutionize the retail industry. It is in retailers' best interest to seize this golden opportunity who want to offers shoppers, branded mobile applications of their own. Xshopper provide the customer very interesting & interacting way to choose the products from the shelf & add them into their cart to get it billed.

With the XCommerce software, your reach is further expanded. It gives a boost to the B2B and B2C aspects of your enterprise and makes sure it opens new avenues for your business to grow. Using XCommerce, you can leverage more visibility to your business on web as well as in the real world space.

Xshowcase facilitate store assistants to sell products to every customer who visit the store by assisting them in their shopping to assure they get right product with best available deal. Using Xshowcase store assistants can help customer to choose brand, colour, fabric, size, etc they are looking for and also assist them to search other matching products and accessories.