There is a huge pool of customers in the retail sector. After all, who doesn't shop for everyday essentials? But gone are the days when customers were willing to spend an eternity in the store, even after they had already picked the items they had to buy. Customers want service and they want it fast. And it is not all about quick delivery of services. Retails need to run their operations with much more finesse and efficiency. And they need modern tools that can be customized according to how they want to see their business operate.

EXLRAY provides services for such needs of the retail industry. Our requirement-based mobile marketing solutions deliver personalized services and help improve efficiency and reduce the operational costs. The EXLRAY products give the customer reason to choose your store over others.

XPOS: For accelerating your Point of Sales operations and improving sales workflows.

XShopper: For taking business right to the customer's doorstep by enabling them to shop online from your store.

XCommerce: For most effective merchandising of your products and handling the back-end operations with utmost refinement.

XStock: For Automated management of stocks and helping customers with assisted shopping.

XShowcase: For showcasing the right kind of product for the right kind of customer through an user-friendly interface on the idevice.

Out there to shop, one can find retails and every nook and corner. With so many retail options to choose from, why would a customer come specifically to a particular store? More importantly, why would they remain *loyal* to that store? There is a common answer to both the questions- better service. This is where EXLRAY apps will give an edge to a store over others.