With its highly operative framework, EXLRAY offers amongst the most reliable IT consulting and services to organizations at different planes of growth that of all. We leverage an array of tools and technologies that enable our clients to explore manage cogent information sets across all verticals.

Our services include:

Business Consultancy

EXLRAY provides expert business consulting service to the business and IT firms technology. Our services are customizable and at the same time cost-effective. A comprehensive strategy planning and analysis is carried out while implementing Enterprise Risk Management operations.

Web Development

In this digital age, a company's website lends an edge to its services and offerings. EXLRAY professionals blend the content and design aspects of the website with the market-specific requirements to make sure your web services stand out among the competitors. Our offerings include e-commerce solutions, enterprise portal development, CMS, etc.

Testing Services

In order to make sure that there are no blunders when it comes to software design and implementation, we offer all-encompassing testing services. Ranging from manual testing procedures to highly intricate automation testing, EXLRAY's testing services enables you to avert crisis that may trigger due to software dysfunction.

Integration Services

The integration services of EXLRAY help our clients to generate a roadmap for operations that serves as an interface and facilitates better interaction communication and compatibility between different applications. Data can be communicated through a range of platforms, adding value to the services

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance operations are a must to ensure that applications are delivering maximum value. EXLRAY provides robust automation solutions and advanced methodologies for the highest quality assurance. All the bugs and errors are addressed in the most resourceful manner.