How it Works

When a customer visits the store and chooses an item to buy, store assistants with the XPOS assist them to make payments avoiding POS queues. Loaded with multiple options XPOS facilitate stores to educate their customer on on-going promotions, manage discount, incentives and vouchers.

XPOS can also handle refunds and replacement to provide complete POS experience on portable device that can be easily used in any corner of the store. XPOS get directly connected to a printer directly or via Bluetooth or wifi to print the till receipts and can also email the transaction receipt to provide environmental friendly payment solution.

Enhancing the customer's shopping experience is not the only advantage, however XPOS also helps stores create invoices and simplify inventory management. The Visual Interface of the XPOS is easy for the staff to understand. Customers can also benefit from self-checkouts, RFID, real time data and mobile devices. The XPOS software can be regularly updated.

Why XPos

As a traditional shopping ritual, customer's visit your store, choose some items to buy, put them in the trolleys and stand in the long queue for billing. This is where customer satisfaction factor takes a hit. Whilst, your store may offer a wide range of products, but long queues are displeasing for the customers. The more sought-after your store is, the longer are the queues.

XPOS is for retails that do not simply believe in ‘selling’ their products, but also give equal weight to enhancing the overall shopping experience of the customer, thus increasing the repeat-customer count of your store.

Benefits to your store

  • Improved sale workflows
  • Easy management of stocks
  • Greater control over retail operations
  • Return customers

Benefits to your customers

  • No queues or shortened queues
  • Self-checkout
  • Better shopping experience
  • Personal attention and
    one-to-one interaction with
    store assistant