How it Works

All that customers need to do is get connected to your store's network and download the application first time on their smart phones and there they can start their shopping spree.

Customer can create their own basket adding the products into the shopping list & putting the item into their trolley. By the time the customer reach the POS, they have their entire items scanned already, where store assistant just need to scan one system generated barcode to take payments.

To increase sales the solution can see the shoppers interest & send him the latest promotions about these products. It also places retailers whole ecommerce system to the customer's disposal.

Why XShopper

In this day and era of social networking and connected shoppers, mobile apps have become an inherent and inseparable part of shopper's lifestyle, which is set to revolutionize the retail industry. It is in retailers' best interest to seize this golden opportunity who want to offers shoppers, branded mobile applications of their own. Xshopper provide the customer very interesting & interacting way to choose the products from the shelf & add them into their cart to get it billed.

Benefits to your store

  • Increase sales
  • Expanded satisfied customer base
  • Better Smart presence
  • Increase repeat customer count

Benefits to your customers

  • Saves time
  • Enhanced shopping experience
  • Got to know about promotions, which help to choose products