How it Works

XStock works on EPOS device when it is not being used for payment operations (end of the day or during relax times) to improve the efficiency of retail operations and benefits the business in the long run, as opposed to getting extra device or 3rd party software for scanning barcodes to track and manage inventory. This application is fully loaded to perform all store stock and inventory management tasks on a portable user-friendly device including:

Why XStock

XStock counts among the most crucial facets to a retail operation. Evaluation of expenditure against the profits generated can be done most efficiently if you have a proper inventory management system in place. The manual ways of managing inventory consume a lot of time, and for a busy retail, any extra time evaluates to loss in profits. In the marketplace, there are devices available to perform similar operations. But those devices are exclusively for maintaining stocks and come with restricted features, and at the same time they are bulky and costly to buy and further maintain.

Benefits to your store

  • Cost effectiveness and compactness as software can be installed on the same device
  • Easier to track selling potential of specific products
  • Automated management of stocks and prices
  • Better usability and Graphics

Benefits to your customers

  • Faster service
  • Assisted shopping